In the framework of the BeWell project, EUREGHA is supporting the set up and activities of the Pact for Skills Large-Scale Partnership for the Health Ecosystem.

The partnership will be set up between education and training providers, VET and HE, key industry stakeholders (digital industry, medical technologies and pharma), public authorities (regional and national), social partners, labour market actors, research institutions and any other stakeholder engaged in health workforce discussions. It will raise awareness of the studies and analysis carried out in the project, and of the work done on the improvement of qualifications in the sector.

Building on the skills intelligence and stakeholders experiences, the Partnership activities will include workshops, working groups, participation to surveys, and other actions to drive engagement and participation of the Partnership participants. Extensive stakeholder engagement activities will help prioritize, define challenges and identify solutions for developing, reviewing, validating and integrating project results such as the digital and green Skills Strategy, starting from its very first draft iteration presented in June 2023, or the work on trainings and curricula.

You can find more information about the Partnership, instructions on how to join it and the current Partnership signatories here.