On 17 June, the EUREGHA Secretariat hosted online the General Assembly. Over the previous years, EUREGHA has made a lot of progressions and was able to improve its visibility and better position itself in the EU arena.  We were happy to share information about the developments of the network and were delighted to see that so many members tuned in to exchange views on EUREGHA’s work.

Covid-19 has influenced and transformed healthcare systems throughout Europe. The recent events certainly shifted the priorities of our members. We are happy to keep functioning as the eyes and ears of the regions and provide them with the right insights by establishing vital partnerships. As the network is growing, we were particularly happy to formally welcome our new members AReSS Puglia and Northern Ireland.

On top of this thought-provoking meeting, we are proud to release the Activity Report of 2019. We kindly invite you to take a look at the report to see which activities were undertaken.  This report guides you through the growth of EUREGHA by introducing new members and partnerships. It furthermore explains how the policy cycles helped the network to ensure better #HealthinAllRegions.

We are looking forward to future cooperation with our members and believe the General Assembly set an optimistic tone for joint effort in 2020 and beyond.