On the 30th of April, EUREGHA together with Healthacross and euPrevent, presented the draft of the Joint Statement on Healthcare in Cross-Border Regions at the first webinar on the European Health Policy Platform.

The Thematic Networks are collaborative networks that bring together different stakeholder organisations to produce holistic joint statements on health-related developments in the EU. The networks are hosted by the EU health policy platform and supported by DG SANTE.

During the webinar the speakers presented the work made so far and the main topics of the Joint Statement.

  • Acknowledge diversity and bottom-up initiativesRecognition of professional qualifications and skills.
  • Find innovative financing and payment mechanisms
  • Coordination of health services and investments
  • Strengthening National Contact Points
  • Support ECBM (European Cross-Border Mechanism)
  • Value-Based healthcare
  • Data Management

Watch the video and click here to visit our Thematic Network on Healthcare in Cross-Border Regions.

Our next related events will be:

On the 26th of June: Meeting of the Interregional Group on Health and Wellbeing (IRGHW) on Healthcare in Cross-Border Regions

September: Second webinar on the Thematic Network.

During these events, we will present our drafted Joint Statement and discuss it with experts in the field. The last Version of the Joint Statement will be published in October

The approach used in producing our Joint Statements is collaborative therefore, any future comments or inputs are welcome.