Dear Members,
Dear all,

Once again an exciting year has gone by! EUREGHA was invited to meet the new Director General of SANCO, we are more and more involved into a solid cooperation with the Committee of Regions through its Technical Platform and we have strengthened our collaboration with other networks in our health initiatives.

Despite the difficult times of financial crisis, there is a growing interest for the regional and local level expertise. Even though public health is not topical at the moment, public health initiatives will be undertaken via joint actions and many other initiatives within the framework of the new European Innovation Partnership. EUREGHA will be at the forefront to urge EU institutions to mainstream public health in the political agenda and better invest in multi-level governance.

Bearing all this in mind, the Flanders Chair and Veneto Secretariat believe that is time to relax and enjoy winter time by bringing together families and friends. More than ever, it is important to nourish our social relationships and dedicate time and energy to the development of healthy environments. Therefore, we do wish you a wonderful end of year, a quiet and comforting Christmas time and a return in 2011 full of energy.

We are looking forward to our 2011 public health adventures in Europe!

EUREGHA Chair – Flanders Region