Decision-makers from 10 regional and local authorities convened on Friday 27th January to constitute the EUREGHA asbl, which represents the interests of local and regional health organisations at the EU level. It also facilitates the exchange of best practice between members and will support them in accessing the plethora of EU funding programmes available to support health related initiatives. Whilst health policy is decided at national level, the fact that so many variables – the EU recognises this through its Health in all Policies (HIAP) approach, i.e. obliging all policy makers to carry out a health impact assessment when designing policy – impact upon people’s health means that there are a wide range of EU policies which will impact on regional and local health authorities, whose views therefore need to be considered during the policy making process. EUREGHA, which has been operating informally since 2006, will continue to work with the EU institutions to ensure that its members’ views are represented in future EU health policy and funding initiatives.