We are happy to announce that the Cross-border Institute of Healthcare Systems and Prevention (CBI) has joined EUREGHA as an associate member. The Institute is a joint initiative of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Groningen (NL) and the University of Oldenburg (DE).

The CBI was established in February 2019 to conduct extensive research in the Dutch and German healthcare environment and focuses on the Northern Dutch-German cross-border region. This research, which takes into account various perspectives and societal challenges, will serve as a foundation of the transformation of healthcare systems in various European Regions.

EUREGHA has recently opened up to both universities and research institutes and welcomes them to become associate members. Especially in light of the current pandemic, it became clear that cross-border collaboration in the field of healthcare is crucial. A common vision, based on solidarity and coordination is key to face future healthcare challenges. We are looking forward to joining forces with the CBI and exchange knowledge and practices to ensure better #HealthinAllRegions.