We are pleased to announce that the Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives (CESCI) joined EUREGHA as an associate member. CESCI is an association which facilitates cross-border cooperation around Hungary. CESCI is engaged in research (border studies), planning and programming, project development, institutional development, policymaking, and knowledge sharing to improve the local stakeholders’ capacities.

CESCI was established in 2009 with the aim to promote and strengthen cross-border cooperation along the Hungarian borders as well as in Central and Southeastern Europe. The association now has 48 members. CESCI participates in international scientific conferences and projects and contributes to numerous scientific publications. One of the associations’ major activities is to unfold legal and administrative obstacles hindering cross-border mobility and integration of services (health care included) as well as to draft legal and policy recommendations in order to eliminate them.

We are looking forward to work together with CESCI to improve the knowledge exchange among regions in the EU arena. Cross-border collaboration in the field of healthcare is crucial and we are happy to join forces to make sure that the voices of regions are represented.

“After decades of strict border control and separation, Eastern European borderlands are given the opportunity to unify their assets and integrate their services in order to guarantee better quality of life for border citizens”

Gyula Ocskay

Secretary General, CESCI