Global Challenges, Territorial Answers: the Future of Health in Europe - Event organised by EUREGHA on behalf of the Committee of the Region's Interregional Group on Health and Well-being

On 12 December, during the 1st European Value-Based Procurement Conference, a large group of healthcare specialists gathered in Brussels to discuss the potential of Value-Based Procurement. During lively debates with topics varying from regional to European perspectives, it was discovered how ‘value’ can be incorporated in health decision making. The aim of the seminar was to encourage growth and implementation of Value-Based Procurement.

During the first panel debate, EUREGHA Chair Nick Batey highlighted that moving towards a value-based approach to health is key to the sustainability of many healthcare systems. “Value-based procurement is a vital element in our toolbox to address challenges. Not just driving out cost and variations in care but delivering better outcomes for patients and adding value into our economies. Today we have seen excellent examples of this working in the real world. We must continue to work together to increase and spread public and private sector understanding, skills and competencies to deliver Value-based procurement.”

During the event, a statement was launched by organizers EHPPA, MedTech Europe, and EUREGHA which aims to explore the potential of Value-Based Procurement and work towards a sustainable healthcare system. Please access the statement by clicking on the button below. 

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