On 9 April 2024, EUREGHA successfully led the Working Group on Digital Transformation spring meeting.

The EUREGHA Secretariat provided an overview of the compromise text of the EHDS regulation, agreed by the Council and the European Parliament in mid-March, highlighting its key points and implications for regional and local health authorities. Among the critical discussion points, EUREGHA Members expressed interest in discussing how regions are looking into the issue of health data access bodies, particularly about their identification, structure and work, and in building robust dialogue and collaboration with key initiatives at the European level looking at the EHDS implementation, like the upcoming TEHDAS II.

Looking ahead to 2024, the EUREGHA Digital Transformation Working Group continues to keep open the call for best practices on health data to expand its booklet published in December 2023.



About the Working Group on Digital Transformation:

The Working Group on Digital Transformation is a platform where EUREGHA members – regional representatives and experts – can exchange knowledge, best practices, information, and expertise on digital health and related issues. The WG aims, on one side, to facilitate knowledge exchange between members and, on the other side, to improve members’ and network’s advocacy, policy, and project actions at the EU level.