On 5 November, EuroHealthNet, EUREGHA and SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) organised the seminar “Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe”. As a result of the seminar, the organisations have published 5 recommendations on how the EU can support local and regional action on health equity.

The five recommendations are:
1. Recognise the key role of local and regional authorities in tackling health equity
2. Recognise the need of a whole-of-government approach to health equity
3. Highlight the reduction of health inequalities in EU policies and programmes
4. Facilitate increased engagement of local and regional authorities
5. Further engage with the WHO Europe and its networks to align policies and resources in order to tackle health equity

In order to see the full recommendations, please see here.
In order to see the presentations from the seminar and the report from the seminar, please see here and here.