On the 15th of April, EUREGHA organized a Policy Briefing on the eHealth Action Plan at the North of England Office. In addition to the full members, Puglia Region (IT) and Asturias Region (ES) also attended the meeting.

During the policy briefing, the Secretariat made a brief presentation of the eHealth Action Plan 2012 – 2020 and challenges and opportunities with its implementation were discussed. The future Green Paper on mHealth was also discussed, as were the challenges and opportunities with mHealth. Amongst other things, the importance of eHealth solutions in regions that have great differences in population density and a growing elderly population was discussed. 


Several different regional initiatives regarding eHealth from the present regions were also presented. Two of the initiatives that were discussed were the “Progetto Sole” in Emilia-Romagna which encourages patients to register online and the “Handle My Health” project in East of England which is a web platform and a smartphone app that helps patients to manage their illness.

The current ICT PSP Call was also discussed, and especially the possibility for EUREGHA to participate as a thematic network under objective 3.3 “Networking for health, ageing well and inclusion”.

The presentation from the policy briefing is now available at the member section of the EUREGHA website. For more information on the aforementioned eHealth projects, please follow these links:
Progetto Sole
Handle My Health