The ONCODIR project invites you to participate in a survey to improve health-related quality of life and develop effective health services in Europe in the realm of colorectal cancer.

Participation in the survey will help identify behavioural barriers that influence health-related quality of life, assess preferences for health services and care, understand social and cultural factors that influence health behaviour, and explore the impact of economic factors on health decisions.

The survey is intended for three different categories of individuals (citizens, clinicians and policymakers) and is available in 9 different languages:

The survey expires on 31st of July. It takes only 10 minutes max to complete.

Thank you very much for contributing to the ONCODIR research!

For more information, you can send an email to



Stemming from the specific risk factors identified with colorectal cancer  (CRC), ONCODIR – Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Cancer Prevention through implementation research is a EU-funded project that integrates multidisciplinary research methods from health policy analytics, social and behavioural science, artificial intelligence, and decision support theories to deliver evidence-based cancer prevention programmes and innovative AI-powered personalised prevention approaches. Read more here.