EUREGHA, as a partner of the European Alliance for Value in Health and the EURIPHI Health & Social Care Regions Network, has contributed with two inputs on the recommendations of the Expert Panel Opinion on Public Procurement in healthcare systems. Both groups fully support the role of public procurement as a strategic instrument to achieve more innovative, efficient, and sustainable health systems. In two documents, the networks call upon the Expert Panel to work on a Value-Based approach with a strong involvement of the EU and its Regions.

The European Alliance for Value in Health (EAVH) stresses that public procurement should not solely be a tool to buy technologies and services, but must instead function as a way to work towards innovation procurement that enables the innovation of care delivery and support the transformation of health systems. The Alliance works around six different principles that can support strategic innovation in procurement and guide the way to Value-Based, sustainable and people-centred health systems. The Alliance, therefore, calls upon the Expert Panel to consider changes that make procurement a strategic interest in a Value-Based, and patient-centric manner. The EAVH also acknowledges the need to include specific recommendation under which EU Members States together with public buyers and decision-makers develops purchasing strategies focusing on “innovating procurement”.

According to the partners of the EURIPHI Health & Social Care Regions Network, we must acknowledge the importance of an approach driven by the values when transforming healthcare systems. The MEAT (most economically advantageous tender) concept of “what is valued” should be applied along the full procurement pathway – from pre-tender phase to contracting. Likewise, we must recognize the relevance of the regional and local level to identify unmet needs in healthcare and procurement. The EURIPHI Health & Social Care Regions Network calls upon the Expert Panel to appoint roles to the EU Member States and its regions to support innovation procurement and ensure a trade-off between innovation and transnationality.

EUREGHA has experience in innovation Procurement in Health and Care, particularly through the use of Value-Based procurement because of its contribution to the EURIPHI project. The Secretariat, therefore, aspires to further build upon the EURIPHI legacy and promote the role of public procurement for innovation to foster health and social care transformation. Find the inputs below.