On 21 June, the Health InnoFacilitator project officially launched and presented the Health InnoFacilitator Community to stakeholders and the general public through a webinar, hosted by EUREGHA.

The creation of this Community is part of the main objectives of the project and aims to demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of cooperation between various stakeholders, from both the innovation and buyer sides, to promote and embrace Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) in healthcare services.

Hosted on the Healthcare Buyers online platform, the InnoFacilitator Community is conceived as an open and free-of-charge platform where experts and insiders can exchange knowledge, information, and best practices in health innovation procurement, expand their contacts, and be involved and updated on the latest developments of the InnoFacilitator project, such as trainings, co-creation activities, and coaching sessions.

Thanks to the testimonials of project’s partners and Advocators, the launch event was a great occasion to dive into the potential of the Community and take a tour of the platform, discovering its features and functionalities, such as news and events feeds, networking tools, and much more!

Some quotes from our Advocators:

Louis Potel, Director of Innovation & International Affairs at RESAH, InnoFacilitator partner: “The DNA of the InnoFacilitator Community is indeed to foster collaboration and learn from each other, connecting different initiatives across Europe and building synergies to not re-inventing the wheel”

Elisa Frenz, Chief Digital Officer, Health Proc Europe: “Innovation is never a straightforward process. I do believe in the value of networks because networking is not just about connecting people: it’s about connecting people with people and connecting people with ideas. Only with joint effort it is possible to reshape, rethink, and redo.” 

Carlos Larrañeta, Procure4health community coordinator at Fundación Progreso y Salud: “We all work with the same objective of improving healthcare system services across Europe, probably from different perspectives but with complementarities. Engagement to leverage all these initiatives is very important because procurement for innovation is the paradigm for co-creation innovation, and you cannot do it by yourself: it’s a joint effort.”

Are you interested in health innovation procurement? Become a member of the InnoFacilitator Community!

More information on the Community and a step-by-step guide to register is available here.

If you need any support for the registration process or have any questions about the Community itself, please do not hesitate to contact us at marco.didonato@euregha.net.

Did you miss the launch event? You can re-watch it here!