Global Challenges, Territorial Answers: the Future of Health in Europe - Event organised by EUREGHA on behalf of the Committee of the Region's Interregional Group on Health and Well-being

Healthy ageing in the EU: The potential of digital innovation for elderly health and social care.


On 12 October from 09:30 to 11:00, the Committee of the Regions’ NAT Commission and Interregional Group on Health and Well-being, and DG CONNECT , in collaboration with EUREGHA – the reference network for European Regional and Local Health Authorities – and the Province of Lugo (ES) facilitated an insightful conference within the framework of #EURegionsWeek Health Day, discussing active and healthy ageing and the potential of digitalisation for enhancing elderly health and social well-being.

With high-level representatives from EU institutions, EU experts, and several experiences from the field, the conference provided participants and speakers with a multifaceted view on the use of digital methods for active and healthy ageing, and a fruitful exchange of perspectives.

The session was moderated by Giovanni Gorgoni, Chair of EUREGHA, and the speakers were:

  • Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President and European Commissioner for Democracy and Demography (video message);
  • Jarosław Duda, MEP, EMPL Committee, European Parliament;
  • Birgitta Sacrédeus, Chair, Interregional Group on Health and Well-being, European Committee of the Regions;
  • Marco Marsella, Head of Unit, eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing, DG CONNECT, European Commission;
  • Raluca Painter, Head of Unit, Labour Market, Education, Health and Social Services, DG REFORM, European Commission;
  • Piret Hirv, Project Manager, Innovation Networks for Active and Healthy Ageing (IN-4-AHA)

You can re-watch Vice-President Suica’s speech here:

Live tweets:

EUREGHA co-authored an article for the ESPON Magazine “TerritoriALL” about the topic of the session: the potential of digital methods for active and healthy ageing, and there is a press release available for a brief insight in what was discussed in the workshop.

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