On 15 February 2024, EUREGHA held a constitutive meeting for the Working Group on Digital transformation in healthcare. The session emphasized the importance of leveraging digital technologies, such as AI and health data management, to improve healthcare delivery. Participants shared insights from their regions, highlighting ongoing projects and future aspirations. Discussions included managing digital health tasks across different countries and identifying development barriers.

For 2024, the focus will be on promoting and nurturing the EUREGHA booklet on best practices on health data, published in December 2023, and on continuing to foster knowledge exchanges among members.

Some of the topics identified as priorities for 2024 were Artificial Intelligence, European Health Data Space, skills, secondary use of data, and Electronic Health Records, to mention a few.



About the Working Group on Digital Transformation:

The Working Group on Digital Transformation is a platform where EUREGHA members – regional representatives and experts – can exchange knowledge, best practices, information, and expertise on digital health and related issues. The WG aims, on one side, to facilitate knowledge exchange between members and, on the other side, to improve members’ and network’s advocacy, policy, and project actions at EU level.