On 26 February 2024, the EUREGHA Working Group on Cancer met online to kick-start its 2024 activities with the constitutive meeting.

Members gathered to discuss and outline the key activities and priorities that will shape the group’s focus in 2024.

Members actively participated in shaping the future direction of the group by proposing discussion topics for upcoming meetings and exchange activities. Key themes included:

  1. HE Cancer Mission
  2. Genetic and genomic testing
  3. Cancer Survivorship
  4. Telemedicine in cancer care
  5. Challenges in data collection and use

The meeting was an occasion to plan 2024’s activities and discuss fostering synergies with other European networks, particularly the ERRIN network, to better connect regions to EU cancer initiatives, strategies, and programmes, like the Cancer Mission.

By prioritizing member interests and fostering collaboration, the EUREGHA Working Group on Cancer aims to make significant strides in 2024.


About the Working Group on Cancer:

The Working Group on Cancer is a platform where EUREGHA members – regional representatives and experts – can exchange knowledge, best practices, information, and expertise on cancer and cancer-related issues. The WG aims, on one side, to facilitate knowledge exchange between members and, on the other side, to improve members’ and network’s advocacy, policy, and project actions at EU level.