Patrick Martens, Center for Cancer Detection, Flanders (BE) – EUREGHA’s WG Cancer Member

On 17 April, a joint meeting between ERRIN‘s Health Working Group and EUREGHA’s Cancer Working Group delved into the crucial role regions play within the Cancer Mission. Held in a hybrid format (ERRIN office in Brussels and online), the meeting showcased examples of current regional practices and priorities within the networks, demonstrating how regions can effectively contribute to the Cancer Mission.

From the EUREGHA’s WG on Cancer, Dr. Josep Borras (Catalan Institute of Oncology) and Dr. Patrick Martens (Center for Cancer Detection, Flanders) presented the work of their institutes and challenges faced by the regions, respectively in the fields of oncological surgery and data collection through national and regional cancer registries. Other examples that featured the showcasing session were brought by ERRIN Members, in this case by the Navarra Region and Southwest Finland, with a spotlight on digital skills training for healthcare professionals in oncology and personalized breast cancer screening strategies.

The meeting featured updates from the Cancer Mission Secretariat, highlighting future opportunities and emphasizing the importance of ongoing efforts to raise awareness and promote thematic cooperation among regional actors. Participants were encouraged to provide feedback on the Horizon Europe work program for 2025, underscoring the collaborative nature of the mission.

Discussions also touched upon the assessment of regional access to the Cancer Mission, with participants noting a need for a more balanced approach that prioritizes policies and practical implementation alongside academic aspects. Improved communication systems and increased funding opportunities were identified as essential steps to facilitate best practices exchange at the regional and local levels.

Overall, the joint meeting provided a valuable platform for stakeholders to explore ways in which regions can effectively contribute to the Cancer Mission and advance collective efforts in combating cancer across Europe.


Dr. Josep Borras, Catalan Institute of Oncology, Catalonia (ES) – EUREGHA’s WG Cancer Member

Kay Duggan-Walls, Cancer Mission Secretariat, European Commission


About the Working Group on Cancer:

The Working Group on Cancer is a platform where EUREGHA members – regional representatives and experts – can exchange knowledge, best practices, information, and expertise on cancer and cancer-related issues. The WG aims, on one side, to facilitate knowledge exchange between members and, on the other side, to improve members’ and network’s advocacy, policy, and project actions at EU level.