Following the first-ever global effort to accelerate the elimination of a specific cancer type, launched by the WHO on September 2020, and the launch of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the Association of European Cancer League (ECL) has recently published a Joint Statement on the Priorities for Eliminating Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem in Europe. We are proud to announce that EUREGHA, and 50 other organizations, have officially endorsed this important statement.

Cervical cancer causes approximately 15,000 lives a year which could effectively be saved by effective prevention and treatment. By 2030, the ambitious target is to

  • Fully vaccinate 90% of girls by the age of 15 against HPV.
  • High precision screen text 70% of women between 35 and 45 years old.
  • Treat 90% of the women identified with cervical precancer or cancer.

In line with the Europe’s Beating Cancer plan, the aim is to support EU Member States to reduce the cervical cancer incidence below 4 in 100,000 through the following 7 priorities

  • Adopt, communicate, and implement evidence-based screening policies.
  • Ensure that cervical cancer screening is provided within an organised framework.
  • Optimise screening coverage, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, intensifying efforts to reach women not responding to the screening invitation.
  • Ensure treatment of the screen detected pre-cancers and cancers.
  • Maximise HPV vaccination coverage to reach the 90% target by 2030.
  • Update the EU guidelines for cervical cancer control, advising on the integration of elimination services with women-centred approaches.
  • Empowering women and working closely with civil society