We are glad to announce that EUREGHA is among the first core endorsers of the Joint Statement “Mental Health in All Policies approach as a key component of any comprehensive initiative on mental health”, launched on 19th April by the EU Health Policy Platform’s Thematic Network on “Mental Health in All Policies on the occasion of the EU Health Policy Platform annual meeting in Luxembourg. 

The signatories of the Joint Statement consider mental health an integral part of health and believe that everyone has the right to good mental health. The vision of this Network is that of a Europe where everyone’s mental health can flourish across their entire life course and everyone can have timely, appropriate and affordable access to support, when needed. 

The supporting organisations call for a Mental Health in All Policies (MHiAP) approach for public policies across sectors to promote population mental health and wellbeing by initiating and facilitating action within different non-health public policy areas, such as education, child protection, employment, income, housing, culture, environment, social protection and many more. The MHiAP approach indeed emphasises the impacts of public policies on mental health determinants, strives to reduce mental health inequities, aims to highlight the opportunities offered by mental health to different policy areas, and reinforces the accountability of policymakers for mental health impacts.  

Is your region or organisation interested in supporting the Statement? 
The Statement is still open for endorsement until 22nd of May! 

The document is enriched with an Annex containing concrete tools for a Mental Health in All Policies approach, promising practices, and further resources. In addition, other resources and practices are available on the Mental Health in all Policies Thematic Network library. 

About the Thematic Network:

The Thematic Network on “Mental Health in All Policies is led by Mental Health Europe and is open to stakeholders within and beyond the health sector to share knowledge and provide policy recommendations on how to develop (or expand existing) mechanisms and approaches for integrated policies and actions to promote and protect mental health.

Since June 2023, the Thematic Network has been transformed into a Stakeholder Network. To be part of the Stakeholder Network on “Mental Health in All Policies”, you can request access by following these steps: login in the EU Health Policy Platform here, search the Stakeholder Network, click on the “request access” button, provide input and submit.