On 15 February 2024, members of EUREGHA had the opportunity to participate in EUREGHA members-only webinar focusing on the EU4Health Programme’s Annual Work Programme for 2024. The session was kindly conducted by Adrian Peres, Deputy Head of the EU4Health and Health Research Unit at DG SANTE, European Commission.  

The EU4Health Programme is dedicated to enhancing public health, shielding citizens from major cross-border health threats, and bolstering national healthcare systems. This program unfolds through yearly work programmes, crafted by the Commission in collaboration with Member States and stakeholder input. 

The 2024 Work Programme prioritizes five key areas: proactive crisis preparedness, promoting health and preventing disease, robust healthcare systems and workforce, embracing digital transformation, and tackling cancer. This program offers diverse funding opportunities, ranging from grants to contracts and contribution agreements. 

Key takeaways for regional and local authorities raised from the webinar: 

  • While not directly targeting regional authorities, the EU4Health program welcomes the collaboration with regional authorities on joint actions and initiatives. 
  • There are specific funding opportunities in the Programme that supports the implementation of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive. 
  • The Programme foresees grants for promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices. 
  • Explore the HaDEA agency website and INFODAYS to delve deeper into the program and discover funding opportunities aligned with your region’s priorities. 
  • Potential applicants seeking in-depth knowledge about the EU4Health Programme in their specific country can connect with National Focal Points (NFPs). These national experts offer valuable insights on program priorities, funding opportunities, application procedures, and the program’s overall impact within their respective nations. 

The 2024 EU4Health Work Programme is accessible here.