Between 22 and 25 September, the AAL (Active and Assisted Living Programme) Forum will be held in Ghent, Belgium. The AAL Forum is an annual event bringing together the European AAL community to discuss several issues related to the improvement of the AAL Programme and the adoption of AAL solutions in the market. The event aims at gathering 1000 participants and over 150 presentations.

On Thursday 24 September, 9h00-10h30, the workshop “EIP on AHA Twinning and Upscaling Session” will take place, aiming at inviting regions active in the European Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) to explore ways of scaling up their best practises and start the mutual learning process. During the event, the repository of best practices, developed by the PROEIPAHA Project, will be presented and ideas for future collaboration between regions within the Partnership will be discussed.

The workshop will include an introduction by DG SANTE of the EIP on AHA Upscaling Strategy, a presentation of the EIP on AHA Repository of Good Practices and conclude by regional concrete examples of upscaling, twinning and transfer practices.

For the full programme, please see here.