The health and care systems are in constant evolution, and the digital transition represents a crucial component of this transformative process. Fast-tracked, put under a spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic, and further driven forward by initiatives such as the European Health Data Space, digitalisation is front and center in the planning and implementation activities of all actors involved in the organisation of health and care, with regional and local health authorities at the forefront of this process in several countries across Europe. With this booklet, published in its first version in December 2023, EUREGHA – the reference network for regional and local health authorities across Europe –, intends to collect and present a series of 13 important practices from its members, covering different levels of implementation and target areas in the field of health data and digital health. The booklet showcases how regional and local health authorities have already been extremely active in tackling digital health and health data challenges and highlights once again the importance of learning from their experience to further build other local, regional, national and European frameworks. To this end, the booklet is organised in three key clusters of practices depending on their target and approach:

  • National and regional strategies
  • Practices on telemedicine / telehealth
  • Practices on health data use and/or collection

For each practice, in the booklet, it is possible to retrieve key information such as summary recap, description of the practices’ key components, methodologies and processes, core challenges, transferability potential to other regions and local authorities, and sets of key learnings from the implementation of the different initiatives. 

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