We have the pleasure to inform you that the Thematic Network on “Healthcare in Cross-Border Regions” has been transformed into a permanent Stakeholder Network kindly hosted by DG SANTE on the EU Health Policy Platform.  On this online platform, we will publish good practices, relevant documents, information and recent developments about the topic of healthcare in cross-border regions. Above all, we wish to become a virtual community where you can exchange ideas, concerns and knowledge to foster mobility of patients in Europe, with particular reference to EU border regions.

Especially in light of the current situation with covid-19, we believe it is of utmost important to think about the role of cross-border regions in facilitating the best healthcare for their citizens.

To register in the EU Health Policy Platform, you need to create an EU Login Account. Please, find attached to this e-mail, an explanation that will guide you through registering to the platform. Once you have created an EU Login Account, click here to join our Stakeholder Network on “Healthcare in cross-border regions”.

If you have any feedback or question, please do not hesitate to contact the EUREGHA Secretariat (secretariat@euregha.net).