During the Covid-19 crisis, it became apparent that health stakeholders need to work together to ensure that the principle of “leaving no-one behind” will be increasingly prioritized in any future crises. Therefore, we are happy to announce that EUREGHA has recently joined the Patient Access Partnership (PACT). EUREGHA is happy to support the workstreams of the PACT Steering Committee by embedding the regional perspective into the discussion.

About PACT

PACT is a patient-led multi-stakeholder network which brings together patients, the medical and public health community, industry, EU institutions and policymakers on a national level. The platform aims to find innovative solutions that will improve access to quality healthcare in Europe. PACT works according to three main areas:

  • Ensuring access is high on the political agenda, in close cooperation with the MEP Interest Group on Access to Healthcare;
  • Mapping access to healthcare in EU 28, based on the 5As principles of access;
  • the development of a tool to measure access and identify barriers.

Joint Statement

On May 27, the European Parliament Interest Group on Equitable Access to Healthcare and PACT have issued a Joint Statement on Covid-19. This statement was welcomed by 58 Members of the European Parliament. The statement builds upon the following points:

  • to ensure equitable access to diagnostics, medicinal products, medical devices, and personal protective equipment;
  • paying particular attention to those at high risk of exposure;
  • the continuation of treatments and care for non-Covid19 patients
  • the importance of a coordinated response at EU level on Covid-19;
  • continued supply and access to treatments and care for all
  • future vaccines and treatments;
  • delivering the European Health Agenda;
  • ensuring stronger EU capacity;
  • timely attention needs to be given to a sustainable long-term strategy for healthcare.

In the statement, the newly formed European Parliament Interest Group on Equitable Access to healthcare and PACT fully commit to working together to ensure that the critical points underlined in the statement will be addressed. The challenges should drive the stakeholders to find solutions to benefit the patients throughout Europe. As EUREGHA we are looking forward to furthering cooperation with PACT and the Interest Group.

Find the full statement here.