IN-4-AHA Second online matchmaking


Find partners, customers, or procure innovative solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing! Do you represent a health technology company looking to expand business or meet potential partners? Or, are you a part of a care organization looking for innovative solutions to provide your users with the latest developments inthe field? Sign up to the online […]

IN-4-AHA: Technology in assisted living facilities, examples from SHAPES

Online , Belgium

IN-4-AHA’s first matchmaking event webinar presents the state of the art regarding technology in assisted living facilities, with examples from the SHAPES project. According to their own page:, The SHAPES Innovation Action (IA) intends to build, pilot and deploy a large-scale, EU-standardised open platform. The integration of a broad range of technological, organizational, clinical, educational […]

IN-4-AHA: Leveraging financing streams – Private funding and Angel investors


One of the main difficulties expressed by health entrepreneurs is being able to find financing for their innovations, especially when they are in their developmental stages. Continuing the discussion from the previous webinar, the 3rd day of IN-4-AHA’s matchmaking event features another financing stream at the disposal of health care stakeholders: private financing. The role […]

IN-4-AHA: Telehealth and health systems resilience


COVID-19 has highlighted the need to plan, develop, and deliver more flexible and adaptable health care services. Being able to provide at-home care: teleconsultations, remote monitoring, physical exercise, and physiotherapy sessions, among others, allowed patients to continue their treatment plans during the lockdown. These tools aren’t new, though. Teleconsultations, for example, have been a solid […]

IN-4-AHA: Roundtable “Challenges in scaling up innovation for active and healthy aging”


FormatVirtual roundtable discussion between 12-15 invited experts across Europe representing innovators and entrepreneurs, policymakers, funding organisations, healthcare providers and patients’ representatives. The event is open for listening for everyone interested. BackgroundTo be able to provide high level healthcare for the aging population, we need to start using more digital solutions. We have many forward-looking devices, […]

IN-4-AHA: Roadmap for innovation scale-up in the AHA field


We invite you to take part in the innovation implementation roadmap workshop. The roadmap is meant to lead the actors through bottlenecks towards efficient upscaling in the field of active and healthy ageing. The roadmap is a reference document for all the stakeholders involved to scale-up innovative solutions in the health and care domain, also […]

IN-4-AHA Final conference “Boosting the scale-up of digital innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing”

Arvo Pärt Centre Kellasalu tee 3, Laulasmaa, Lääne-Harju vald, Harjumaa, Estonia

IN-4-AHA comes to an end after working the past two years to support digital innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe. We have come across several opportunities and challenges related to the current policy landscape and the environment in which European AHA stakeholders operate and cannot wait to share our insights with you during IN-4-AHA’s […]