The Catalan Agency for Healthcare Quality and Assessment (AQuAS) published an English report on “Value-based healthcare in Catalonia; Challenges and opportunities to contribute to the future”. The report analyses the concept of Value-Based healthcare as a paradigm in the provision of health services, promoting patient-centred care and the optimisation of care processes.

Even though there is no single definition on what the concept of “Value” entails, AQuAS proposed to define Value-Based healthcare as a concept built on the factors of:

  • Citizen- and patient-centred care;
  • Quality healthcare;
  • Use of resources;
  • Environment;
  • Social connectivity.

Moreover, the report summarizes the current initiatives on Value-Based healthcare in Catalonia, which are in line with approaches being taken in the rest of Europe. The report showcases that many steps are taken towards VBHC healthcare transformation and calls the entire Catalan healthcare system to adjust towards this method. By collaborating with major stakeholders, AQuAS aims to introduce the concept of Value-Based healthcare in the next Health plan, which is a leading framework published by the Government of Catalonia. By implementing this concept, healthcare organizations can redefine healthcare and provide their patients with good quality care.

The European Regional and Local Health Authorities supports AQUaS excellent work on this report and is eager to disseminate the Catalan practice at European level.

Access the document here:

AQUaS Report: Value-based healthcare in Catalonia