On Monday 16 May, Michele Calabro’ officially joined the EUREGHA Secretariat as Director. Michele  joins us with 7 years of experience in EU health policy, projects, communication and a strong European network in the field.

With an academic background in public administration and EU studies, he has previously worked on policy, projects, and communication for the European Health Management Association (EHMA), European Patients’ Forum (EPF), and DIGITALEUROPE. While working in these positions, he has had the pleasure of collaborating with EUREGHA several times and therefore keenly recognizes the importance of our network in the field of EU health policies and politics.

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with EUREGHA several times throughout my career and I always strongly appreciated the significance of the network as the voice of regional and local health authorities, the natural interface between citizens and national and European institutions. I am thrilled about the chance to lead EUREGHA’s secretariat going forward, especially starting on the 10th anniversary of the organization”. – Michele Calabro’. 

Reflecting on what has been done in the past often breeds ideas for how to move forward. Michele is looking forward to connecting with all EUREGHA members and key stakeholders to identify the most important aspects of our work and chart a course for the future. In terms of moving forward, EUREGHA will continue on its agenda, rich with several ongoing and new projects, our central role in alliances and partnerships, as well as EUREGHA’s secretariat support to the CoR Interregional Group on Health and Wellbeing. We also maintain our focus on flagship topics that are close to the soul of EUREGHA: cross-border healthcare, value-based healthcare, cancer, digital transformation, ageing, integrated care, and health promotion and prevention.

“Thanking Valentina Polylas for her amazing job with EUREGHA, on behalf of our Board and members, I am truly glad to welcome Michele as the new Director. It is a crucial moment for health at European level and we look forward to taking the next steps together in 2022 and beyond” – Giovanni Gorgoni, EUREGHA President.

Michele’s strongly believes in the importance of regions as a link between the EU level and the delivery of better care for individuals on the ground. His vision for EUREGHA is to further strengthen the network’s presence in the policy arena to ensure the regional perspective is fully embedded in all current and future developments in EU health policy and in the context of the European Health Union framework, i.e., the European Health Data Space, the new pharmaceutical legislation, the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and much more.

Feel free to reach out to Michele at michele.calabro@euregha.net

“I am eager to get in touch and start working with the members, stakeholders and key partners of EUREGHA, my door is and will always be open for you. In fact, I will probably come knock at yours soon to discuss the present and the future of EUREGHA!”.

Michele Calabro