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EUREGHA RT @summit_eu: One-fifth of the total health expenditure makes no or minimal contribution to good health outcomes & could be channelled tow…
EUREGHA RT @WHOatEU: The rise of #AntibioticResistance is a global threat. It can affect anyone, of any age, in any country 👶🏽👱🏻‍♀️🧔🏽👧🏻👨🏻‍🦰👵🏼…
EUREGHA RT @SCTT_NHS24: You know what's nearly here? Yes. The Scottish Digital Health and Social Care Conference! The morning plenary 09.15-11.25 w…
EUREGHA RT @summit_eu: What is your #VisionForHealth? All together we have to support the reduction of inequalities in health, protecting patients'…
EUREGHA RT @fpasseri92: Breaking: At the @ERRINNetwork Health Partnering Event, @VPolylas, head of @euregha pitches the idea of including #crowdfu
EUREGHA RT @NelaEuroFUE_UJI: Thank you @euregha for sharing your European Regional and Local Health key network work at @ERRINNetwork Healtj Worki…

A European regional health network.
Find out about EUREGHA - who we are, what we do, what we aim for and how to become member of our regional EU health network.

policy and actions
Better health for Europe.
Find out about European policies and actions that are related to healthcare and health systems. Learn how EUREGHA contributes to EU health policies.

eu health policy
Citizens' health and safety is a core EU priority.
Find out how EU health policy gives everyone the right to the same high standards of healthcare and access to quality healthcare.